Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The return of the Furkini!

I'm not entirely sure of this approach. Usually I make up the poses for my Furkini Girl illustrations, pulling poses from memory. This one was fairly closely referenced. Each week, I'll endeavor to do at least one closely-referenced piece (like this), and any number of quick gestural pieces that may or may not become finished Carrtoons.

I believe in constant and never-ending improvement in my work (in all elements of my life, actually), and I want to increase the lexicon of poses stored in my brainstuffs. Don't be surprised if you see this pose recreated with a bit more exaggeration and abstraction.

As with all my most recent pieces, most of this one was done in Procreate on iPad, using a Pencil By 53 stylus, with the pressure sensitivity off. For some reason, I really like the speed-based variance in Procreate--it results in a certain amount of uncertainty that can inform the success of the final piece. I'm contemplating the new iPad Pro, with Apple Pencil--which apparently has really accurate pressure sensitivity, so my process could evolve over the next several months.

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