Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ginger in the clouds

Ginger in the clouds by jcarrtoons
Ginger in the clouds, a photo by jcarrtoons on Flickr.
I had totally forgotten that I drew this! A rare ginger in my portfolio.

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess Edited by jcarrtoons
Warrior Princess Edited, a photo by jcarrtoons on Flickr.
Just when you thought I was done with furkinis--here comes a proper warrior princess in a less than proper furkini. Hope you digs it! Yes, another iPad drawing in Procreate!

One-piece furkini

One-piece furkini by jcarrtoons
One-piece furkini, a photo by jcarrtoons on Flickr.
Yes, I realize that to be a proper furkini, this would need to be a two-piece. But I can't draw the same darned thing EVERY time, can I?