Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ginger In A Furkini

But where's Mary-Ann?  I'm sensing a series of new Furkini-clad princesses based on cool old TV shows!

Blondie in the Jungle

This one originally showed-up on my other art blog, but it fits here.  I'm trying to space out the reposts, for those of you who've come across the same pieces elsewhere...

Furkini Pencils

This one was originally hand-drawn, but I didn't get the proportions right, so brought in Photoshop to save the day.  I think this one's gonna end up being redrawn in Artrage on iPad...  Stay tooned!

Brew Lagoon Page

Here's a page from my Brew Lagoon comic pitch.  Drawn by hand, colored and composited in Photoshop.

Welcome to the Atoll

Yes, I've started yet another blog.  I couldn't help it.  I've been obsessed with the art of the magical Furkini--fur meets bikini--since I first read Shanna the She-Devil back in the third grade!  I'm going to repost some stuff I have posted over at Monkeywithalizardforabrain here, since the focus will be different.

Lets start with the cover to my latest sketchbook--Aptly named Furkini Atoll!  Done on my trusty iPad in Artrage.